Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow--You're Only a Day Away!!!!!

Tomorrow is an IMPORTANT DAY!!!!!

I have my LAST APPOINTMENT on the 3-Month Doctor Supervised Diet Program.  After that appointment, I will have my official Surgery Date.  

They have tentively set surgery for December 8th.  That means I will start the 2 weeks liquid pre-surgery diet on Thanksgiving Day.

Do you think it would be okay to start the pre-surgery diet the day AFTER  Thanksgiving? Granddaughter's first birthday is December 1st.  Do you think pureed birthday cake counts as a liquid on the pre-surgery diet?

Oh my -- Christmas!!!!  Would I be on soft mushies by Christmas?  I wonder if my Mom would puree turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie for me!!!!

More to follow - my Lovlies!!!!

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Andrea said...

How exciting!!! Let us know how it goes!