Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am really frustrated.........AARRGH!

I have been doing a three month Doctor supervised diet program as required by my insurance company in order to approve my Lap Band surgery. I have also been getting all the approvals required by my surgeon. I have done very well in both of those requirements until the Cardiac clearance.

Because of my weight, I was not able to have a normal stress test--the treadmill--so I had to have a Nuclear stress test. Okay, done, check!

So a week after my test, Hubby's cardiac things started which required a visit to the cardiologist, Dr G. While seeing Hubby about his problems, Dr G looks at me and says "Your stress test was abnormal and I cannot give you the cardiac clearance yet. There is a shadow on the X-rays. It's probably your boobie but we have to be sure so you need a CT scan. Don't want you having a heart attack while under anesthesia!"

Of course, it is my "boobie" Dr G----I had a breast reduction 16 years ago! What you describe as a 'shadow' is scar tissue!!!!!! I have had 8 surgeries which require deep anesthesia, I did fine. And I have never had cardiac issues!

Today was the day for the CT scan. No one calls with the 'pre procedure' screening so I get there this morning and mention I am allergic to iodine. They asked me why I didn't tell the pre-screener. I stated that I did not talk to anyone because no one called. The scan was cancelled.

Dr G is out do town till next week.

I had to take a day off, disturbed my Mother's routine as she went with me, paid my copay which the hospital will not refund until 48 hours and wasted a BIG amount of time that I could have spent relaxing with Hubby!

I am so pissed!


RockBand Barbie said...

The road to get there can be really frustrating. I always felt like as soon as I jumped through one hoop they had another there waiting to be jumped through. Sorry you had a rough day and I hope it all gets straightened out soon!

Robin Wine Girl said...

I had a breast reduction too. I wonder if I will have a similar issue? Was it just a regular chest Xray?

~Lisa~ said...

The journey is soooo frustrating at times, I truly feel your pain...

It will be all worth it in the end!

Terrie said...

OMG what a cluster. The only good thing about being self pay; no hoops.

Andrea said...

That is frustrating! It will all get figured out. I know the waiting and jumping through hoops is hard, but it will all be worth it!