Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In 13 days--->-->-->-->-->-->

I will be BANDED!
I know I am nothing special and I know that every single one of my Bloggies have felt this way. 


So much to do and only 12 days to do it in!!!!

On the Pre-op Diet Front:
I do not want to say this very loudly but it has been a bit easier today. 
It seems that I am holding on a little longer between hungrys and my sense of smell is heightened.

Does this seem right to y'all?  Did y'all experience this?  Will this pre-op diet get easier?


Anonymous said...

I would imagine that your body will start to get over some addiction to carbs and it will get easier. I can only say that post-op it was not too bad for the first week, week and a half. Once I was on mushies, I knew I would live.

Terrie said...

It did get easier. I think a lot of the first couple of days are a detox. Keep your eye on the prize!!

Lap Band Gal said...


A.J. said...

Why would you say you are "nothing special"?

Rachel said...

You can do it!!

Band Groupie said...

Following you're accountable LOL! Just wait until that hunger is gone permanently (you'll get a taste of that just post-op). Hang in there! -BG