Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello? May I come in?

I am here........

I an not going to bore you with details.  I am not going to ask for an 'excused absence'.

Here is a list as to why:
Hubby's  knee replacements -- both knees  in 3 months.
He had a stroke and kidney failure.
Endless doctor appointments
A full time job
VERY shorthanded at work (if u need a job and liven in the Austin, TX area--contact me PLEASE)
Massive overtime
Training new employees

Weight lost?  I have lost 68 pounds. Have 7.3cc in my band, who's name is Lucy. Learning to eat with a full band. Many stuck episodes and 'backwash'. I hate PBs

I am tired............but.........may I come back to this wonderful group of Bandsters? Please?