Monday, December 26, 2011

A First! A restaurant that does NOT accomdidate people with Special Needs!

Hubby and I went to breakfast at a local restaurant--the 620 Cafe in Round Rock, TX. I showed them my card about my Lap Band and asked if I could order from the children's menu. Not only was I NOT allowed to order from the children's menu, they would not adjust portions. I asked for egg beaters. They do not serve egg beaters. I paid $10.00 for one egg white with a little cheese and one small scoop of oatmeal.
I told them that we have always enjoyed coming the 620 Cafe and this was a great disappointment, and we would not be returning.
I went home and posted on all the social websites I could find. Then I found that they do not have good reviews! I now know why!

I am sad--it was one of my favorites! I will not be returning and I will tell everyone about the poor service at 629 Cafe!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Checking in & Words of Caution :) :) (Happy Face, Happy Face!).

What a difference a day makes! Well, in my case, 3 days!

I am finally on the mend!!!! HURRAY!

What a ride! To all you newly or soon to be Bandsters: IT HURTS! YOU ARE GOING TO HURT BUT DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!. It is supposed to be that way! After all -- your innards have been rearranged and they are letting you know that they do not "handle change well". Hang in there, you are not dying. In two weeks, you will be okay!

I am a bit delayed. I had a lung issue-- some big fancy name-- but it was a complication. What I thought was pain from the surgery and being filled with gas till you are the size of a small Orca Whale, was actually my lungs screaming. Antibioics, steroids, and strong cough medicine have helped me to feel MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER! Praise the Lord!

So the moral of my story --------->>>>>>

1. The hospital will give you an incentive spirometer. USE IT! Like it is your job. It will help your lungs. It is important to breathe! I find to to be very beneficial to my existence.

2. Get protein EVERY DAY! If you get a sweet fruity taste in your mouth, you are not getting protein and it is a potential harmful situation and could be fatal. Try your BEST to get that protein in every day!

3. Stay up with your pain meds. Do not miss them--even for one minute. Your innards are different now and it takes a bit longer to get them into your bloodstream now. I set an alarm on my iPhone.

4. Get the book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery". My Secret Santa, Banded Bella, sent it to me and I have not put it down! It was the perfect gift for the New Bandster! Wish I had the book BEFORE my surgery.

Now for the Happy Faces!!!!!!!!

-I have already shrunk out of two pairs of jeans. Taking them to our Church's Thrift House next week.
-My Sister said, "So when your jacket gets too big, I want it!". Never in my life have I been smaller that my Sister! I also hadn't thought about my jacket getting too big! It is the perfect jacket!!!!??!?!???!!!
-I participated in the Annual Cookie Day at Grandma's House! I made Snickerdoodles. The Fatty Me would have sampled and sampled and sampled----baked and unbaked----it did not matter. The Banded Me, absentmindedly, licked her fingers once, snapped back to attention, washed her hands and no sampling would be found anywhere near me again! I am VERY PROUD of me!!!!!

Well, Merry Christmas Everyone! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well....GREAT! (sarcasm dripping)

Last night I felt really good! Less pain, less gas, less bloating! I went to bed with plans to grocery shopping!

This morning I woke up at 4:10AM, aching all over, coughing and freezing! Yikes! This hurts differently. Better take my temp--100.5 degrees! Check my incisions--no redness, no pus, not hot--shew! No problem there. Wake up Hubby--he's a retired critical care nurse. His diagnosis--there's a problem, call the doctor/surgeon. It's 4:30AM! So we wait till 8:00 to call.

Here's the results: I have Atelectasis. Translation: fluid on my lungs. Antibiotics, expectorant, an incentive Spirometer, nasal steroids, Tylenol.

Doc said this is a "complication" of surgery and being on a breathing machine for over three hours during surgery.

I would say a cuss word out loud if I was a cussing woman.

Miserable. Sigh.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

HELP-PLEASE HELP! I need to talk to someone with an I-Band. HELP!


PLEASE. If you or know some who has had an I-Band, please, I NEED to talk to them....

I am six (6) days post-op. I am having alot of discomfort, not pain by definition cause I don't 'need' to take pain meds. I still have alot of gas discomfort and the incisions do not hurt but where I imagine my stomach was folded, hurts. I am taking small sips (I just want some Creme of Wheat) and have had no feelings of throwing up. I would really love to have a "Elf"-style belch, but cannot produce even a small burp. I do have small "back-end explosions" but it is only momentary in the relief. GasX does not help.

I need to know if this will subside and is this normal recovery for an I-Band?


Friday, December 16, 2011

How long?????

I had surgery Monday--4 days ago. How long do I have to drink this sweet? Can't stand it! Please tell me what else I can have.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am 72 hours out from surgery---I made it!!! The first few days HURT! Not just "ow" kind of hurt just plain ole H-U-R-T!!!!!! Be prepared!

I had the I-Lap band. My stomach hurts from being folding and I was/am swollen. Bruised too....but this has really actually saved my life. It seems that I have a problem with my liver. Dr Bariatric took a biopsy to rule out cirrosis. I have NEVER drank alcohol in my life--I just don't understand! I do understand now why I was driven to have this done. A blessing in disguise. I am nervous. I will find out on the 23rd at my Post Op appointment.

How can this be if I have not and do not drink? I don't get it!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today. This is it!

Welcome me to the Band!

The Life and Times of a Formally Morbid Obese Person commences!

It's a rootin' tootin' boot scootin' roller coastin' of a ride!

Here we go........!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre-Op & FANTASTIC News!! :)

I had my Pre-op appointment yesterday. It was a GREAT appointment.

Here's the results:
--20lbs lost! That is 15% of my excess weight!
--my BP was 109/54! Due to blood work, I was not to take my meds. So that was WITHOUT meds!!!! Dr. Bariatric took me OFF ONE OF MY BP MEDS!!!!!!! WOOOOO WHOOOO!
--I am now an official card carrying member of the Lap Band Club! They gave me a card to carry.

So one more day and that is it! My new THIN life begins!!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

When will I be able to drive?

Hey y'all!

Hubby is disabled and unable to drive. I am the only driver so I was wondering how soon after my surgery will I be able to drive.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Nurse called me blessed today!

She was from my insurance company. She explained what was going to happen to me on Surgery Day (5 more days). She listed things to watch for before, during, and after--things to get beforehand (which was the lists y'all gave me)--and helped me think of questions to ask Dr Bariactic.

She also commented on my support system--Hubby, Mom, Friends, My Blog Mates--she said I have a terrific support system and that I was blessed! I want to say how much I appreciate how y'all have taken me under your wing--answering my questions, giving me advice, and just telling what to expect and do! I agree. Your support is terrific.

I am so thankful to each of you. My life is better because y'all are part of it!!!!!!

I am blessed!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 Days To Go


I didnt realize there is only SIX MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

Veteran Lap Banders:
What do I need to do? Practical tips please. What should I buy to be prepared? What should i take with me to surgery? Would someone come and cook for my family, please? The ride home afterwards? What should wear during recovery? Should I sleep in my bed or in my recliner?

So many questions -- someone have pity and help this anxious and nervous girl out please.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Surgery Date Change.

Hey y'all!

I have not starved to death! My tummy does not like this! It keeps saying, "Please! My I have more?".

I am holding on very well and decided today that I am NOT going to starve. Y'all knew I would not and told me so! You are ALL so smart!

My surgery date has been moved up one day to Monday December 12! My insurance did not approve the hospital so my doctor moved it to another hospital a day earlier.

Well, what do you think of that!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I did it!!!!!!

I am so proud of me!!!!!

Today was my Granddaughter's first birthday. I did not eat pizza. I did not eat chips. I did not eat club sandwich bits. I did not drink Coke. I did not eat CAKE! I did not pout. I did not draw attention to myself. I did not talk about why. I DID NOT CHEAT!