Friday, November 25, 2011 is becoming real and I am scared.........I need some TLC.............

I am really really nervous.

I start my Pre-op diet Monday and I have absolutely no idea what to do. The handout I got 3 months ago is very very vague. I tried calling my doctor earlier this week but it's Thanksgiving Week and no one was there.

So ANY help ANYONE can give me is GREATLY appreciated.



Mari said...

Hi Cheri, firstly, don't panic! It's all going to be ok. Perhaps let us know what the vague guidelines you got were? Keep trying your doctor to get more information. I didn't stick to my pre-op diet anywhere near perfectly, and I'm sitting here banded. So don't worry. Lots of love x

Andrea said...

I've seen so many different pre-op diets. What were the vague instructions? Maybe start with a protein drink in the morning and then try to call your doctor first thing in the morning? Some diets are only liquid and some are protein drinks with small meals of protein and vegetables.