Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am fat..........

We had family portraits today.

My Mom demanded it. It had been five years since the last one--there had been some "personnel" changes and new arrivals, so it was necessary.

This new fangle technology is amazing! We saw our digital proofs with in five minutes of being taken.

The person standing in the spot where I was standing, wearing the same clothes I dressed in, was fat. Not overweight fat--neck rolls fat.

Is that really how fat I am? I am shocked! Surely that is not me!



Andrea said...

Hi there! New follower -

I know how it feels to hate seeing yourself in pictures! Just think of all the awesome pictures you will have once you lose weight. Just yesterday I saw some pictures of myself and didn't think I looked fat! It will get better!

Melissa W said...

Pictures never do a person justice! You will have a great pic to look back on when you've lost a ton of weight!! Don't be so tough on yourself!

It's me, Cheri! said...

It is hard not to be depressed about this! I don't feel that fat! The picture in my mind of myself is not that fat. That person in the picture was fat and ugly. Is that really what I look like-fat and ugly? Oh my!