Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boy, I am glad it is after Thanksgiving!

***AHEM*** Let me start by saying announcing----

MY MOM IS THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD!! She can make ice cubes and water into a FEAST!

So.....I am glad that I do not have to start my Pre-Op diet till next Monday. That way I can have The Thanksgiving Feast my Mom has been cooking on for the last week. I am considering it as a last hurrah!

I am nervous about the Pre-Op diet. I know this is the start of my new healthy, thin life and it s only two weeks but I am nervous. I get headachy and grumpy if I get hungry.

So I am enlisting the help of you Lap Band Veterans. How do I do this? I need direction and suggestions. PLEASE HELP!

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Andrea said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Not sure what advice I can give, but when it's for surgery you just do it because you have to. I did get some headaches, but I just tried to focus on the end result.