Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello? May I come in?

I am here........

I an not going to bore you with details.  I am not going to ask for an 'excused absence'.

Here is a list as to why:
Hubby's  knee replacements -- both knees  in 3 months.
He had a stroke and kidney failure.
Endless doctor appointments
A full time job
VERY shorthanded at work (if u need a job and liven in the Austin, TX area--contact me PLEASE)
Massive overtime
Training new employees

Weight lost?  I have lost 68 pounds. Have 7.3cc in my band, who's name is Lucy. Learning to eat with a full band. Many stuck episodes and 'backwash'. I hate PBs

I am tired............but.........may I come back to this wonderful group of Bandsters? Please?

Friday, June 1, 2012


What the heck!  For weeks my weight has bounced between 195 and 198! I know I could probably make better food choices. But here's the deal--my clothes are getting looser; my shoes are floppier; people comment saying I've lost more!  I just bought this stuff less then a month ago and they fit when I bought them.  So .....  The scale is not showing a weight loss but my clothes are!    What is going on? I want the weight to come off!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I talked to Dr G

I talked to my doctor or rather talked and cried. I told him I was tired all the time and overwhelmed with home, work, hubby....well shoot....with LIFE!

He asked if I was taken vitamins. I was taking Flintstones Complete but the nutritionist said not good. So I started Centrium Silver (yes I'm above 50) apparently thats not good either. I cannot swallow those "horse bill" vitamins -- so what a girl to do? Dr G gave me a specific vitamen and wrote out a vitamin plan. He told me to order online and ordered a complete blood work up. I am bruising very badly so he told mre to take vitamin C. I have to take calcium, iron, vit c, B-12,and the multi vitimen.

I really hope this works. I just so tried and I am very tired of it!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please excuse my absence...........

I have been absent. I have been reading about everyone though.

So here's a note from my doctor: "Please excuse Cheri's absence. Her life is overwwhelming."

First off, I am on a weight loss seesaw - down 2 up 2 down .5 up 1 down 1.5 .......... You get the picture. I am making many "carb comfort food" choice right now. Not the best for losing weight.

Also, I am wondering if I might be suffering from exhaustion. Is that a medical condition? Is there such a thing? If so, what are the symptoms and how is it treated? I sleep all night but I wake up tired. I yawn all the time. No, I do not have sleep apnea. I feel I just push myself all the time just doing what needs to be done. Work, housework, grocery shopping, laundry, Hubby's normal needs and additional needs due to his knee replacement, our dog, bills, money, family, car maintenance, doctor appointments, driving Hubby (he cannot drive due to his disability)

I go to see Dr G today for a check up and fill. I just might talk to him.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly weigh in......... a few moments I will be naked and stepping on the scale..............
Well, I have procrastinated long goes..........

Starting weight: 257 lbs

Current weight: 197 lbs

Weekly Loss: 0 lbs -- Gained 0.5 oz

Total Loss: 60 pounds!!!

BMI: 33.6

Week In Review: decided to move closer to work when current lease is up; apartment shopping; continued hubby's recovery; short had handed at work; overtime; thinking of change Weigh In Day to Fridays.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Horrible horrible experience

Hello I am still here!

So Saturday I had a horrible experience. I was at work and suddenly I had to leave my teller window because I had had an accident and it was not the clean kind. when it was all said and done, I had to go to target to buy new clothes including underwear. it was horrible and I was deeply embarrassed but I looked adorably cute in my new outfit!

So I have experienced some "never befores":
Never before have I crapped myself at work
Never before have I bought clothes that fit me from target
Never before have I taken clothes off the rack and bought them without first trying them on and they fit!

Also that day I had three regular customers ask me if I was new to the branch. when I explained who I was and that I've always waited on them before and that it was me, Cheri and I had lost a little bit of weight--it suddenly dawned on them that I WAS Cheri and I HAD lost ALOT of weight! they said they did not recognize me!

Later that night we went to a restaurant and they believe me that I had a lap band and allowed me to eat off the buffet at the child's price! They didn't even want to see my Lap Band card!

So I guess you could say that my embarrassingly horrible experience had a silver lining called 'Non Scale Victories! WOW!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before & today

For you viewing - proof positive that my I-Band is working.

Left: September 2011. Right: today April 25, 2012

Thank you Lord for this fabulous tool to use. Thank you for the answer to a life long plague. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!