Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before & today

For you viewing - proof positive that my I-Band is working.

Left: September 2011. Right: today April 25, 2012

Thank you Lord for this fabulous tool to use. Thank you for the answer to a life long plague. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Weight In..........

Starting weight: 257 lbs

Current weight: 196.5 lbs

Weekly Loss: 2.0 lbs

Total Loss: 60.5 pounds!!!

BMI: 33.7

Week In Review: UGH!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I have collar bones!!!!!!

Really! For sure! I see them! They are right where I left them! Hehehe!

I have collar bones! So cool! So very COOL!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

WEEKLY "So how did I do this week?"

Starting weight: 257 lbs

Current weight: 198.5 lbs

Weekly Loss: 1.5 lbs

Total Loss: 58.5 pounds!!!

BMI: 34.1

Week In Review: I SURVIVED! Hubby's knee replacement went well and rehab is going great. I came down with pneumonia but 4 days, 3 antibiotics, 2 shots, and 1 cough syrup--I am feeling better! Priceless! AND--I became a resident of One-Der-Land!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This just made me smile!

I needed this today.

Spoiler Alert: Remember! Y'all Told Me I Could Rant and Rave!

Would u believe I AM SICK AGAIN!!!! Just left the Doctor and I have pneumonia! I am off work till Monday!

What is wrong with me? It seems since my surgery, every little thing that comes by, I catch it! Why? I take a Centrum Silver Chewable. Do I need something else? A different vitamin? More vitamins? A B-12 shot monthly? Blood work to see if my thyroid levels are off (I have no thyroid-benign 8cc tumor).

Why is this happening? I am miserable. I hate being sick. I hate missing work. I might get fired! Hubby's knee replacement is tomorrow and I just don't need this added stress!

Is there anyone that can shed light on this, please?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter dress!

Easter 2012


Starting weight: 257 lbs

Current weight: 200.0 lbs

Weekly Loss: 3.0 lbs

Total Loss: 57.0 pounds!!!

BMI: 34.3

Week In Review: preparation for hubby's surgery, confetti egg fight a work--it was A LOT of fun and a BIG mess (we are betting the cleaning crew was not happy).


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Okay okay okay

So I haven't blog since last Sunday. It seems like all I have had on my mind is hubby's surgery, how risky it is, how much it is going to cost, how that cost will effect our budget, etc, etc, etc........
That is not what I want this blog for. I want it to be an uplifting place. A place for encouragement. Not a place for my rants And gripes.
Besides y'all don't want to read about my woes. So I havent written. Not much positive in Cheri Land right now.
Then I read Mari's post from The Tale of a Band Called Beyonce, how she felt she was so boring so she doesn't blog much. The comments from y'all were amazing and very supportive.
So if y'all will humor me and allow me to gripe a bit now and then....I will try to be more present in Blog Land.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I hope I've done well.

Love to all!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Weigh-In Day! WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Starting weight: 257 lbs

Current weight: 203.0 lbs

Weekly Loss: 1.5 lbs

Total Loss: 54.0 pounds!!!

BMI: 33.8

Week In Review: heel stress fracture - no exercise, Mini-Vacation-did not get to do what I wanted to do, frustration.

As I am weighing in this morning, I was stuck with the following: At this very moment, I am not the only one doing this! My LapBand Family is doing the same thing! It's Weigh In day for several of us. We are all getting up and the first thing we think is "Did I lose this week?". We go to the bathroom, strip naked, take our place on the 'throne', and push out every drop of pee possible. Then, clothed in our Birthday Suits, we approach the Scale. The Place of our Scarifed Tastebuds. The Altar of Our Success. The Instrument of Loathing and Joy. The Indicator of Our Hard Work. It is with one step, we all collectively hold our breath and step up. The result will either be a jump for joy for a loss or a sigh of relief for the not so perfect week. Some of us will dismount with disappointment or disgust. Some will run through the house naked, proclaimimg A New Low and announcing to a Startled Mate the Accumlative Loss, while doing the Chicken Dance! (Yes that is me dong that!).

We are not alone, Peeps! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

"Keep calm and carry on......"