Monday, November 14, 2011

A Call from Dr. G, Cardiologist

Phone rings----"Hello?"

"Cheri? It's Dr. G."

"Dr. G, I am really pissed!"

"I don't blame you! What a mess! I am sorry!"

"Dr. G., I had a breast reduction 16 years ago. What you are seeing on my heart is scar tissue!"

"In my heart of hearts, I know your arteries are not blocked and everything is clear. You're a big girl and finding the vein in your groin would be difficult. Therefore I am not going to do a heart cath. Do you get out of breath walking or climbing stairs? Any chest pain?"

"No. In fact, I can chase a 2 year old and not get out of breath!"

"All right--what is your Bariatric doctor's name and fax number? I am sending your cardiac clearance right now. You make sure you come to see me after the surgery."

"Really? Thank you! I will! Thank you!"


I go to Dr Bariatric this Friday to conclude my 3 month doctor supervised diet and officially secure a surgery date. Everything is completed and being submitted to the insurance THIS Friday!


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Mari said...

So excited for you too Cheri! It won't be long now and you are going to do so well! x