Sunday, January 8, 2012

AWOL.........I'm baaaaack!

Did you miss me?

It has been CRAZY,!!!!!!

I went back to work. Didn't make it and had to come home at noon. I was weak, sweaty, cold, dizzy and lightheaded. Almost passed out twice. When, I got home Nurse Hubby took my blood pressure -- 90/50.

To make a long story short-----I AM OFF ALL OF MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS!!!!

That was my Number One Reason for having WLS. My first goal met and exceeded! My blood pressure averages about 105/60.

Very excited, I must say!

The rest of the work week went well. I tire easily and fall asleep while watching TV every night. Hubby was complaining about it---"you never talk to me-you just fall asleep-may as well be alone". How soon does this tiring easily pass? Anyone know? I take vitamins--double dose of Flintstone Complete--every day.

Overall I am doing good!

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Andrea said...

Congrats on being off your blood pressure meds! That is a HUGE NSV!!!