Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to do--What to buy--Advise please

I wrote that I got a new bathroom scale this past weekend and immediately gained weight.  I have been exteremly vigulant and tracked everything, (gotta love Fitness Pal!), stayed within the ranges my Doctor wants and well below the 1200 calories a day.  Doc wants me to weigh everyday till my first fill on January 25th.  For the last several days my new scale told me i have lost nothing.  Hence my frustration. 

Well, today at the daily weigh-in, I again lost nothing, so stormed out of my bathroom, (naked I might add), into the garage to retrieve my old scale.  I also grabbed a 5 lb bag of flour.  I put the scales side by side, made Hubby weigh and weighed the flour.  The new scale consistantly weighed every thing 3.1 lbs too heavy.  My 5 lbs bag of flour read 8.1 lbs over and over and over.  Hubby's weight was over 3.1 too, (he had a Doc appt yesterday).  Oh and my old scales said I had lost 3 lbs!!!!!  OH YES!!!!

So........I am taking the scale back to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to exchange.  I am leaning toward the Weight Watcher scale or the Biggest Loser scale.  Does anyone have advise for me on which scale to purchase, please?

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Amy said...

here's the one that I have. I like it and it doesn't do any funky stuff. :)