Thursday, January 19, 2012

When does the love affair begin?

I have read many of y'all proclaim your unending love for your lap band.
When does that happen? I am wondering if there really is a lap band in there!

I have no restriction like y'all talk about--I can eat and swallow anything! Because my stomach was folded twice making a "banana" stomach (I have an I-lap band), I get full faster on less food. But I do not experience anything like y'all describe with your lap bands.

I get hungry! I mean H U N G R Y!!!!

I am wondering--When does the love affair happen?


Anonymous said...

How long after you eat do you get hungry? You most likely need another fill.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

I agree with Robyn. How's your fill level?

It's me, Cheri! said...

I have my first fill on January 25--next week on Wednesday.

Amy said...

keep in mind that you're just over a month need time to work to get to a good fill level. check out my page on the right side...I got quite a few fills before I felt green...and still have to get some. :) there's no miracle, it just takes time.

Anonymous said...

I am one year post-op and still do not have restriction. For months and months after surgery, I measured portions to control how much I ate since I wast getting any hints from the band. now I can eyeball. If I was still hungry, I would wait half an hour, have water or herbal tea and if still hungry a half hour after that, more food - small portions. I found that in the beginning, I was eating what seemed like 10 meals a day. I still find myself hungry too quickly but I try to curb the hunger if I know that I am eating enough calories. The softer the food, the hungrier I got quicker. Try hard protein and high fibre meals and snacks. Only my 2 cents!


Ronnie said...

You're in bandster hell... (iBandster hell?) it doesn't start until you feel some restriction. It'll come, don't worry!