Monday, December 26, 2011

A First! A restaurant that does NOT accomdidate people with Special Needs!

Hubby and I went to breakfast at a local restaurant--the 620 Cafe in Round Rock, TX. I showed them my card about my Lap Band and asked if I could order from the children's menu. Not only was I NOT allowed to order from the children's menu, they would not adjust portions. I asked for egg beaters. They do not serve egg beaters. I paid $10.00 for one egg white with a little cheese and one small scoop of oatmeal.
I told them that we have always enjoyed coming the 620 Cafe and this was a great disappointment, and we would not be returning.
I went home and posted on all the social websites I could find. Then I found that they do not have good reviews! I now know why!

I am sad--it was one of my favorites! I will not be returning and I will tell everyone about the poor service at 629 Cafe!


Terrie said...

that sucks

Ronnie said...

That is very uncool, I would have done the same thing... other WLS patients should know how "accommodating" they are to us.

Andrea said...

That's sad! Most places are very accommodating!