Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Yes! You read that right! I - Me - The FORMER Couch Potatoe Queen - worked out on Wednesday!

Zumba! It is hard and I have no coordination but I REALLY like it! A stranger gave me a Double High Five! I sweated. I also learned to not eat before class. Makes for a hard workout.

I am sore but it feels good!

On the home front: Hubby is getting knee replacements. I am concerned as he has poor health and is a brittle diabetic. Risks are high but we have no option as there is nothing more that can be done for his knees and he is in EXTERME pain. I am going to try to control the stress and comfort eating I would do in the past. Prayers for both of us please.


Caron said...

I'm enjoying Zumba too. I mainly try to get all the steps in. Adding the arms is sometimes more than I can do but I keep trying. :)

Cat said...

Yay for your workout and Zumba is my favie fav!

LoriBang said...

I want to try Zumba, but am still a little hesitant yet. I will get there! Praying for your husbands quick recovery. My MIL had both knees done at the same time about 3 years ago and she did wonderfully with it! Hang in there!

Andrea said...

Good for you!