Sunday, March 4, 2012


I haven't posted much lately because I am dealing with a extremely stressful and serious situation with Hubby. He is a brittle diabetic and is disabled as a result of it. He became eligible for Medicare this year and decided that I should remove him from my work coverage and he would go on Medicare. I was reluctant to agree but I did. Well there is this thing with Medicare called the "coverage gap" AKA "the doughnut hole". When the cost of your medications reach $2750, you fall into the doughnut hole and then you pay 50% to 86% for your meds. When you have paid $4750 out of your pocket (not including the medicine cost), you enter the "catastrophic stage" and copay drops to 1%.

Hubby takes two insulins and 6 shots a day. The cost for these drugs are unbelievably outrageous and our cost in the doughnut hole is more than my paycheck! So we cannot get his medicine. Two weeks ago we have applied with the manufactures for assistance. We hope to find out tomorrow.

Needless to say, my stress level is above and beyond high. Not to mention the normal stress of a full time job and all the things a wife and Mom does. It is heartbreaking to watch Hubby in so much pain. My eating choices have not been the best resulting in ony a half pound loss this week.

BUT-------I am still losing and I am looking good. This is a picture of me now....Please keep Hubby and I in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I certainly will keep you and him in my prayers

Tina @ Bandpipes said...

You both will be in my prayers. I know something will happen for you.

jennxaz said...

insurance is a pain and I hope the best for you guys!

FitBy40 said...

Wow, what an awful thing for you both to be dealing with.
You're looking great!