Monday, March 5, 2012

Update and Thanks!

Much thanks to all who have kept Hubby and I in your thoughts and prayers.

We found out today that he was approved by the insulin manufacture for the patient assistance program. They will be providing all of his insulins for the rest of the year at no cost to us! We are soooo thankful and are praising God for His provision.

Also, he was approved for medical benefits from the Veterans Administration. Not sure what that entails but we are grateful for it! We are researching.

My stress level has lowered some and it feels good!



Tina @ Blazin' Bandit Girl said...

Amen! So happy for you both!

Reggie said...

That is great news!!!

Sam said...

Glad to hear you got such great news from the manufacturer!

banded bella said...

Thats Awesome news honey, so glad good things are happening to such good people.

jennxaz said...

yeah!!!! that is awesome news

Anonymous said...

Thank God. That was just an awful situation.