Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dumping syndrome

I know that 'dumping' is not to occur with the lap band but have any of y'all had a 'dumping' situation?

I know this is one of those gross tabu subjects but I am having bouts of (ugh) liquid poop. It has happened shortly after eating.

Is this common? Do anyone else have this problems?


A.J. said...

I have experienced this as well. Actually, since being banded I poop much less and it is rarely average. It is either hard as a rock constipation or, like you said, liquid poo diarrhea.

I will tell you my assessment based on my college anatomy & nutrition classes. It has to do a lot with the ratio of solid food vs. water intake. The liquid poo is bc of the fact that you are eating so little solid food and (I'm guessing) drinking lots of water. You aren't making enough solid waste to absorb all the water you are consuming. You end up pooping after you eat bc when you eat you stimulate the digestive system to start "moving things along" to make room for the food you just ate.

Lap Band Gal said...

You may be experiencing your tummy emptying faster than you're used to. The folks who have the sleeve experience this too and mis-diagnose themselves as "dumping".

Just an idea...

FitBy40 said...

I haven't had that but I can tell you that MANY of us have become lactose intolerant since surgery. It's one of those things that happens often and the doctor says he doesn't exactly know why.
See if it happens after you eat a certain type of food.