Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am serious--I need y'all's imput

This week marked my 3 month Bandiversary! Yay!

I got an email from my nutritionist saying I should be able to eat regular food, taking a multivitamin, and only requiring one protein supplement a day. Regular food is no problem but I do have some questions.

1. I did not realize I should have been continuing the protein supplements. In my mind that means protein drinks/shakes and I have not found one that I can handle the flavor or the aftertaste. I mean--it makes me ill and then I will have several days of tummy troubles and/or bathroom troubles. Is there a chewable protein pill? I have gotten protein bars and they are alright but they are high in calories and carbs. Any suggestion? What are y'all doing with protein supplements?

2. Multivitamins? I take a centrum chewable everyday but read an article about nutrition and hair loss. Here's the link.
It says we need to have iron, zinc, vitamin A, B6 and various other supplements to stop hair loss. It is a very good article and it says that hair loss is normal for 6 to 12 months because of having major surgery and rapid weight loss but if it continues after a year there's a problem. I have been worried about the excessive amount of hair in my brush and this article set my mind at ease.
Anyway, back on subject--what vitamin supplements do you take?

I am serious here and need y'all's imput!

Thanks in advance.


Andrea said...

I use Unjury protein powder and have a protein shake most mornings for breakfast. Or I do a Pure Protein bar as a meal replacement. And I use Opurity vitamins. There are tons of choices out there so you will just have to figure out what you like best.

Sarah said...

As recommended by my clinic, I take a cheap A-Z vitamin with 100% of most of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. I also take a calcium supplement because calcium is the main one that isn't 100% in the other tablet. These are crushable so as I get tighter I can still carry on with them.

I also take 'skin, hair and nails' supplements which are oil filled capsules containing over and above the recommended daily requirements for many of the protein based vitamins and evening primrose oil. It definately makes a difference to my skin and hair. I don't expect I'll keep going with them permenantly because they are very round and fat (not long and thinner) and can be tricky to get down somedays.

As for protein, my clinic's only dietary advice is a small side plate with 1/4 protein and up to 1/2 vegetables. This works for me as I didn't get the band to count calories and proteins. I got it because that drove my into a dark place where chocolate biscuits hide. If I make sure all my meals have 1/4 protein, then I'm on track.

Sandy said...

I too don't drink the protein shakes--gives me those same bathroom problems. I try to just add solid protein with my meals--chicken, fish, meatballs (lean ones).

I must confess I haven't taken my vitamin for months now. I lost lots of my hair too the first year and oly losing 40 pounds. It's the stress of weightloss like you said. But in year two it is growing back. I tried a few of the recommended vitamins to prevent it and it still fell out. Just know it will come back.

I do make sure I take a calcium/magnesium and Vitamin D supplement. I just have to get into the habit of taking my multi-vitamin again.

Just a suggestion, but would you consider removing the word verification. It is horrible to try to type two unreadable words now just to post a comment. I think you would get more commenters if you did. You change it in Dashboard/Settings/Comments and choose Never under Comment Moderation. I have only received a couple of spam comments so I don't think it is a big problem.

Anonymous said...

I drink an Atkins Day Break shake for breakfast everyday. I have learned to like them.
For vitamins I take Rite Sid One Daily Women's and Vitamin D and a chewable calcium pill.

Stephanie M. said...

1. Other than right after surgery and the day after a fill, my doctor says NO liquid calories (other than a couple glasses of low fat milk per day) for lap banders. We don't malabsorb and as long as you can eat protein, you don't need to drink it. So that's what I do. I rarely have a protein shake unless I am so tight for a day or two that I can't eat. 2. I take kids gummy dinosaur multivitamins (they're yummy), a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D pill when I remember, a tiny vitamin D softgel every day, and I get a B12 shot every 2 weeks.

FitBy40 said...

I start my day off with a protein shake almost every day, ESPECIALLY on a big work out day like spin or kick boxing. I go back and forth between whey and soy. I also had stomach problems but discovered that I'm lactose intolerant. I mix the powder with vanilla flavored soy milk, a banana and some ice and it's delicious! It gives me about 33g. of protein to start my day, not to mention the 2 servings of fruit that I wouldn't otherwise get (I have a hard time eating whole fruit). I love my shakes!
Sometimes I try to just have a normal breakfast with my kids, and I end up hungry again in 2 hours and feel it just wasn't worth it.
Also, 18 months out and I'm still taking Biotin every day to prevent hair loss. It's over the counter.

LoriBang said...

I do protein shakes for breakfast a lot too. Otherwise I find that I don't get enough protein in for the day. I've been really bad at taking my vitamins! But I really haven't seen any hair loss that is more than usual.