Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your thoughts, please......

I have 3 more weeks of my "Bandster in Waiting" doctor supervised diet. My surgery is sometime in December. I'm excited!

I am thinking about starting to have a protien drink for breakfast and lunch. I am noticing that if I have 30+ thingies of protien, I am not hungry for a good while. I figure I need to start preparing for a smaller quantity of food.

Also, do I need to give up coffee? If so, how do you handle the headache?

Please........what are your thoughts? Please?


Jessica said...

I think I would do it for one meal replacement but I am not sure I would do it for two. Just my thoughts though.

Gave you a shout out on my page. by the way so hopefully you will have some new followers!

It's me, Cheri! said...

Thanks Jessica! How nice of you! I am not doing to good with the meal replacement Still working on it though!