Sunday, October 23, 2011

Someone PLEASE say it is okay!!!!

This is a triple post------->>>>>

1. I found a protein drink I REALLY LIKE! Someone please tell me if it is a good one. I hope so!
'Naked' Protein Smoothie. Calories-220 Fat-2g Cholesterol-30mg Sodium-140mg Potassium-480mg Carbs-34g

Please please please please tell it is a good choice for a special ocassion protein drink!!!!

2. Sunday is my Weight In Day. I started at 257. Today I weighed 242.5. 14.5 pounds! That is not too shabby!

3. What should I say to family members people who say--"You are doing so good doing what you are doing. What not save the money and not get the Lap Band and continue doing what you're doing?" What do I say?

{SIDE BAR: Stressful times are upon me--hubby was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I am scared.}


Lap Band Gal said...

How many grams of protein in that shake? If it has at least 20 then it's ok. Also what is the protein? Dairy? Soy? Whey protein isolate is the best.

Anonymous said...

First, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's diagnosis. That is scary.
You say that you have tried these diets before and they have gotten you to where you are now. YOU know what your body needs, but thanks for the concern.
I say that almost any protein shake you like is better then what you were eating before.

Anonymous said...

If it's the Naked protein I tried once it has a TON of sugar! lol that's why it taste pretty good. You should try the Chocolate shake from Premier Nutrition, I buy the case at Costco (wholesale store), they are delicious! :)

side bar: I'm sorry to hear about your husband, i'll keep him and your family in my prayers.

-B@nd3d F@tty