Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is going on?

Why am I sick AGAIN?

Not the flu but a bladder infection! Heck! What is going on? I am usually a healthy person.


This has been an extremely stressful week for me. I think my resistance is low due to the stress over Hubby's cardiac issues. Does that make sense?

Does anyone know if antibiotics will retard my weigh loss efforts? Remember I am not banded yet.

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A.J. said...

The only issue that I can see with taking antibiotics and weight loss is that, in some cases, antibiotics can sometimes cause upset tummy and/or gastrointestinal issues ( to put it bluntly, they might make you crap your guts out). It all depends on the type of antibiotic. I always try to eat plenty of yogurt, especially the kind with pro-biotics (like Activia) to help replace all the good bacteria in your gut that is gonna get killed off by your meds. However, follow the Rx instructions on the bottle carefully, some require that your eat before taking, some tell you not to eat before taking, and some cannot be taken with certain foods so make sure you know which is which. :) Feel better soon!!!!