Friday, October 14, 2011

First time for BYOC

1. What’s your most favorite noise and your least favorite noise?

Favorite: My grand daughter laughing! She's 10 months old and our first. I tell you this Grandma Gig is WONDERFUL!!!!! I never would have imagined my heart could hold this much love!

Un-Favorite: repetitive squeaks, taps, buzzes, clicks, scratches, popping, licking and smacking lips.

2. If you were a character in the movie Grease – who would you be?

Rizzo. I was a very compliant, agreeable, goody two shoes teenager. The most trouble I got into was receiving 9 demerits in Bible College for dancing in the buffet line!!!!! 10 demerits and you got kicked out of college. So I behaved like Sandy but inside I was a Wild and Crazy Girl--now I would be Rizzo because "when I am old I shall wear purple!" and I would not care about being a goody two shoes!

3. What was the name of your best friend in elementary school? Are you still friends?

Well.......I am an Air Force Brat. I was in two different school every year until high school. I never had a best friend but I had a lot of friends and was popular. I don't even remember the names of my schools. But........ I have never seen a stranger and I love talking (sometimes too much) and getting to know people.

4. Who is your current celebrity crush?

Brendan Fraiser-loved him since the days of 'Dudley DoRight' and especially in 'George of the Jungle' dressed in that loin cloth!, Ryan Reynolds-newest crush-he was so cute in 'The Proposal', Neal Caffrey on 'White Collar'--EVERYTHING is so mmmmmmm about him, Mario Lopez-he's got the cutest dimples, there are more but I do not want y'all to think I am fickle!

5. Repeat question: How was your week in real life and in blog land?

I am just starting my blog land life. I am happy with it. Not much else to say about that except I am really enjoying it!

Real life: I was actually thinking about this very thing this morning! How weird! I started listing (I love lists) my roles and titles. I wear many Hats! I will share with you---------->>>>
Girl, Christian, wife, daughter, sister, Auntie, Mom, Mother-in-law, great Aunt, sister-in-law, Grandma, friend, caregiver (Hubby is disabled), lead teller, bill payer, chauffeur (Hubby cannot drive), cook, maid, laundress, pill/medication organizer, Daughter of the King, encourager, money manager, CFO, dog walker/feeder, artist, singer, cheer giver, team player, secretary, blogger, a fatty but soon to be a Bandster!

In Real Life--I am tired! Hey, ya do what ya gotta do! AND I LOVE IT!!

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