Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have a WLS Buddy!!!!!!!

I had my second appointment with Dr. Ganta this morning. I've lost 4.5lbs! New life HERE I COME!!!!

While waiting I was talking to the other people waiting. There were two ladies--one who had already had a WLS  procedure and one who was a "Lady in Waiting" like me!!!!.  Having never seen a stranger and not having a shy bone in my body, I talked their ears off.

I have been curious about how the port feels after the Lap Band surgery so I asked which procedure she's had...............
"Lap band---"
"Oooooooo! Can I feel your port?"
So right there in the lobby, I was mashing on this girl's tummy feeling her Lap band port. It was a "touchy feely" kind of moment.  It feels like a lump that s all!!!

Then I got talking to the other "Lady in Waiting". We talked about protein. How I had tried some and found them to be DISGUSTING!!!!! They both made suggestions--and "Lady in Waiting" said she is drinking them now!  I was surprised and when I ask her why already, she said why not? She's going to be drinking them after the surgery anyway!  Good idea--I have a feeling I going to become a "heavy drinker" soon!!!

Anyway.......the confab went on touching many subjects, when insurance came up.
To make a long story short (I know--too late!)--"Lady in Waiting" and I work at the same company!!!!

I have a WLS Buddy!  Support is Success!!!! 

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