Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am not ALONE!!!

So........after verbalizing my apprehension yesterday, I have found out just how BLESSED I am! 

People who do not even know me, uplifted and encouraged me!  Not only that, the suggestions on how to deal with these scary feelings and quetions are outstanding!  Also, the friendship offers and the "call me if you need me " attitudes have really touched my heart!  Thank you to all you wonderful persons who commented and emailed me.  I am ever so grateful! 

Just about everyone, expressed that they were so glad they had done it.  Many shared that too had my same worries and have made lists just like my "is it worth it" list!  The failures and successes they shared has been very settling.  I am NOT alone.

I am still a little scared and apprehensive, still overwhelmed by it all, but I can say with certaintiy........





Melissa W said...

**New Follower** NO, you are not alone. My blogger friends offered me so much support when I was in my pre-op stage......even when I was in the pre-op ROOM waiting to be brought into surgery!! I wanted to chicken out and I kept getting texts notifying me of new comments on my blog and they were all so encouraging. We are ALL here for one another!!

Robyn's Nest said...

It is worth it. Read some of our blogs from the beginning. In fast forward, it is amazing to track our journeys.
You will see that we all have doubts and we all have to push through walls to get to the next step/goal. You will also see we all encourage each other.

Deb said...

You can do it, Cheri! I am also pre-band, and I am also afraid I will fail like I have so many times before. I agree - we are worth it and our families are worth it! This is the tool that will make the difference! Keep up the great work!