Thursday, September 29, 2011

A First and A Last

A First:

Last night was my First suport group meeting, the First meeting for the group, and the First support group for my Bariatic Conselor!!!  I was the only one who had not had the surgery yet.  I was a sponge--I sucked up information so fast it would put Bounty Paper Towels to shame!!!!! 

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to get losing!!!!!!

A Last:

I have been thinking alot about the foods that I will not be able to eat after my surgery--cereal, pizza, corn on the cob, almonds, Cokes, etc...  I do relize that after everything settles down, I might be able to eat these things. 

But for now, I am having "Food Funerals".  It's name was Pizza

The family was gathered.  Prayers were said.  The Ceremony commenced.  Leftovers were placed in a box and the progression to the dumpster started.  The only member of the slow moving parade was me.  I was not dressed in black and I was not sad.  I was full and happy! 

But I knew it was the Last time I would have Pizza over for a very long time!!!!

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