Monday, December 5, 2011

Surgery Date Change.

Hey y'all!

I have not starved to death! My tummy does not like this! It keeps saying, "Please! My I have more?".

I am holding on very well and decided today that I am NOT going to starve. Y'all knew I would not and told me so! You are ALL so smart!

My surgery date has been moved up one day to Monday December 12! My insurance did not approve the hospital so my doctor moved it to another hospital a day earlier.

Well, what do you think of that!

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Amy said...

yeah for you! and see, we told you it is tough, but not forever. :) Since the insurance didn't approve the hosp, are you going to a same day surgery place? I loved my surgery place - surgery at 12pm, left at 3:00 and home at 3:30PM. I totally recovered better at home then I would have at home :) Keep us updated!