Sunday, December 18, 2011

HELP-PLEASE HELP! I need to talk to someone with an I-Band. HELP!


PLEASE. If you or know some who has had an I-Band, please, I NEED to talk to them....

I am six (6) days post-op. I am having alot of discomfort, not pain by definition cause I don't 'need' to take pain meds. I still have alot of gas discomfort and the incisions do not hurt but where I imagine my stomach was folded, hurts. I am taking small sips (I just want some Creme of Wheat) and have had no feelings of throwing up. I would really love to have a "Elf"-style belch, but cannot produce even a small burp. I do have small "back-end explosions" but it is only momentary in the relief. GasX does not help.

I need to know if this will subside and is this normal recovery for an I-Band?



Lap Band Gal said...

I do not have an iband but you are describing exactly how I felt for about the first 10 days post op... I just wanted to burp and couldn't. Call your surgeon to be sure.

Amy said...

Same thing here - that's how I felt as well. What does your doctor say?