Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 Days To Go


I didnt realize there is only SIX MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

Veteran Lap Banders:
What do I need to do? Practical tips please. What should I buy to be prepared? What should i take with me to surgery? Would someone come and cook for my family, please? The ride home afterwards? What should wear during recovery? Should I sleep in my bed or in my recliner?

So many questions -- someone have pity and help this anxious and nervous girl out please.



banded bella said...

You are gonna do great. I would suggest gasX strips, getting your liquid pain med early from your pharmacy, a recliner, lots of SF popsicles and jello. Good Luck

trisha said...

i slept fine in the bed... the best type of clothing for once you're able to get up and moving would be a one piece night gown or a pair of pajama pants that are NOT tight and a loose t-shirt. lots of people like to take slippers/house shoes with them too to wear around once they get up and moving. I def second bella's suggestion about the gas-x strips - some people have worse gas pains than others from the gas they use in your abdomen to inflate the area during surgery. you may also like some chap stick for post op, your lips may be dry after the intubation for anesthesia. make sure at home you have plenty of liquids, sugar free fruit juices, broths, jellos and some people like the sugar free popcicles for their liquid phase.

you will do fine - don't worry!! let me know if you have any other questions! :)

vickyd said...

In addition to what the other ladies said, you might want to bring a pillow for the drive home (put it between your belly and the seat belt). The other thing that I found very helpful was a heating pad - I put it on my tummy and I think it helped with the gas pains.

Good luck!

Lap Band Gal said...

ditto on what the ladies have already said...definitely that heating pad. Fo sho!