Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my reasons why...

Three months prior to my surgery, I posted the following list to remind me of why I wanted a Lap band and if it is worth it. I must thank Stephanie at Electric Lady Band for making this list that I used to describe my thoughts exactly! It's amazing how much we have in common! Thanks Stephanie! :
I am looking at is again to see where I am at:

...To be healthy--off all blood pressure meds
...I am tired of being fat--still fat but getting better and better...So I don’t feel disgusted looking at myself in the full-length mirror--getting better
...To fit comfortably in an airplane seat.
...To be able to run up a flight of stairs.--CHECK!!!!
...To not sweat so much.--CHECK!!!!
...To be able to seat in a chair with arms and feel comfortable.--CHECK!
...To never have to worry again whether I will fit in a booth at a restaurant--CHECK
...So my feet don’t hurt so much.
...So my knees don’t hurt so much.
...So my back doesn’t hurt so much.
...So I’m not always huffing and puffing when I walk so far--getting better
...So I don't have to put a washcloth under my pot belly to prevent chaffing CHECK!!!
...So I can buy clothes anywhere.
...So I don’t feel out of place in a “normal” size clothing store.
...So I can paint my toenails
...So I don’t feel so out of control about my eating.CHECK!!!
...So I am not constantly hungry.CHECK!!!
...To be satisfied on small amounts of really good food.CHECK!!
...To enjoy my food CHECK
...So that I have more energy.CHECK
...So that I don’t ever have to deal with discrimination just due to my size.
...To sit on the floor and not have to do ridiculous maneuvers to get up.CHECK
...To be able to cross my legs properly.CHECK
...So my ankles don’t get swollen when it’s hot out or after work.CHECK
...So I dont have to use so much powder so my fat rolls won't stick together CHECK
...So I can get closer to the table when I’m eating to avoid getting food on the "boobshelf"--SEMI CHECK
...To get off blood pressure meds.CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
...To have a regular towel wrap ALL the way around me.
...So that I never have to see the term “morbidly obese” (unless combined with “formerly”) on my medical chart.I am in the obese catagory---no more morbib!
...To be the size my mind's eye sees
...To not tolerate Texas summers
...To be successful at losing weight for the first time ever.
...So my husband has a hot wife.he did tell me i was hot last night
...So that when my husband tells me that he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what I weigh, I don’t think he’s just humoring me.see above
...So that if I’m ever stuck in a tall building during an emergency, I’ll know I can get down all the stairs.
...To go hiking again
...To prove to myself that I can meet any goal I set
...To be able to wear high heels comfortably
...To wear pretty bras and not just huge, functional ones.
...So I can wipe butt clean with no struggles CHECK
...So I don’t have to keep starting new diets in hopes that this will be “the one”.--SEMI CHECK==still not sure I believe this losing weight stuff!!!

WOW--this is the greatest Non-Scale Victory yet!!!!  This just might work this time.  I am losing weight and making changes.



~Miss Lorie~ said...

Go you! NSV's I have found to be much more enjoyable than the scale ones. For me, I never even realized all of the things I was avoiding... I wasn't even really living. Now i'm kicking butt and taking names. This isn't for now, it is forever! Keep it up!

Amy said...

what a great post! that's a great collection of goals :)

Stephanie M. said...

How funny...your list is almost exactly the same as mine. ;-)

Caron said...

What a great post! Go you. :)

Anonymous said...

Boob shelf - I hear ya! lol. All good reasons and look at the accomplishments already!