Wednesday, February 22, 2012

:( S-A-D F-A-C-E :( :( :(

I love coffee!  The stronger the better!  I love it to be so stong that the spoon stands up in the coffee!  I would love to rent a permanent table in a Coffee Shop!  If I was a rich girl, I would buy stock in the coffee industry.  I am a better person after that first cup of "jo"!  It is the elxir of gods!! 


I have a problem:  After I drink a cup of that wonderful brew, my tummy hurts!  I have tried it weak, strong, cold, hot, whipped, iced, black, with cream, with sugar, with cream AND tummy just hurts after. 

Has this happened to anyone else?  I cannot imagine what a day without my coffee would be like!  

:( S-A-D  F-A-C-E :(  :(   :(


Sandy Lee said...

Strong and black for me and it seems to help relax my band. Don't know what it would be.

My autocorrect just changed "band"to Obama. Weird.

banded bella said...

Hi darling. Love coffee too. Sorry to hear you are having such problems. Maybe after some time it won't be so bad and you can return to your coffee. The coffee does help relax my band as well.

jennxaz said...

I love coffe too! Hopefully its not the caffeine.
I have been doing decaf and its NOT The same

Andrea said...

That stinks! Hopefully your stomach is just getting adjusted. I haven't had any problems with coffee.

Deb said...

I have had some icky feeling after coffee (without milk). Drinking my coffee with about a half cup of skim milk helps my tummy problem plus gives me extra protein. If I still feel icky after, I just eat one half of a sugar-free chewable antacid tablet. It usually does the trick! Eating breakfast works even better.

Sarah said...

Oh No! I am also in the strong and black brigade. I have problems if I drink too big a mouthful. I must slip slowly. :-(