Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello? May I come in?

I am here........

I an not going to bore you with details.  I am not going to ask for an 'excused absence'.

Here is a list as to why:
Hubby's  knee replacements -- both knees  in 3 months.
He had a stroke and kidney failure.
Endless doctor appointments
A full time job
VERY shorthanded at work (if u need a job and liven in the Austin, TX area--contact me PLEASE)
Massive overtime
Training new employees

Weight lost?  I have lost 68 pounds. Have 7.3cc in my band, who's name is Lucy. Learning to eat with a full band. Many stuck episodes and 'backwash'. I hate PBs

I am tired............but.........may I come back to this wonderful group of Bandsters? Please?


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You don't need to ask permission! Life sometimes gets in the way. We understand.

Ronnie said...

The moment I'm looking for a job and you come in here asking for people 240 miles south of me. Evil lady!

Glad you're back, and I'm sorry to hear about all the stress. Hope life gets back on track soon!

Mari said...

Definitely come back darling! Sorry to hear you've had such a stressful time. We'll all welcome you back with open arms and supportive love x

Amy said...

of course! We all have times when real life drama happens and blogging is challenging :)

FitBy40 said...

That's way too much stress for one family to endure! You poor thing.
Welcome back.

Sam said...

Welcome back, :o) lets hope the stress eases soon for you!

Anonymous said...

We are still here and glad to hear from you. It sounds like life has been tough.

Anonymous said...

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