Friday, June 1, 2012


What the heck!  For weeks my weight has bounced between 195 and 198! I know I could probably make better food choices. But here's the deal--my clothes are getting looser; my shoes are floppier; people comment saying I've lost more!  I just bought this stuff less then a month ago and they fit when I bought them.  So .....  The scale is not showing a weight loss but my clothes are!    What is going on? I want the weight to come off!  


jennxaz said...

hey maybe your scale broke...I saw another bander same problem but when she went to doc she had lost like 14lbs turns out her scale was broke?

Melissa W said...

Sometimes it just takes time for your body to catch up with the weight loss and vice versa. That's why I've been told to not focus so much on the scale but how you feel. I've noticed the same thing. I've been at a plateau for a long time, but I'm still buying smaller clothes. Hang in will show up on that darn scale!!