Thursday, May 17, 2012

I talked to Dr G

I talked to my doctor or rather talked and cried. I told him I was tired all the time and overwhelmed with home, work, hubby....well shoot....with LIFE!

He asked if I was taken vitamins. I was taking Flintstones Complete but the nutritionist said not good. So I started Centrium Silver (yes I'm above 50) apparently thats not good either. I cannot swallow those "horse bill" vitamins -- so what a girl to do? Dr G gave me a specific vitamen and wrote out a vitamin plan. He told me to order online and ordered a complete blood work up. I am bruising very badly so he told mre to take vitamin C. I have to take calcium, iron, vit c, B-12,and the multi vitimen.

I really hope this works. I just so tried and I am very tired of it!!!!


Mari said...

Hope you feel better soon - good on you for trying to find the cause of the problem. Thinking of you x

Terrie said...

Hope you find something that helps. I take gummy vitamins called vitafusion, not sure if they will pass the test or not but it works for me.

jennxaz said...

you poor thing~! I hope you feel better soon

Karen said...

I take centrum sliver chewables it works for me.. feel better!